Sea salt fine

Available in:
  • 300g Carton Shaker
  • 500g Carton box
  • 3kg * Bucket
* Only available for Food Services.
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JOZO has been adding a pinch of great taste since 1929. Our long history has made us master the skills of mining and grinding salt to perfection. Our Sea salt is harvested using ancient techniques. Rich in minerals and trace elements, this fine grain is very suitable for preparing daily meals.


The shape and size of a salt grain determines the flavor impact. That is why JOZO salt is crystallized in various sizes. JOZO fine salt consists of small grains that dissolve easily and connect the flavors of the individual ingredients.

Sea salt

JOZO sea salt is harvested from salt pans using ancient techniques of evaporatino by sun and wind, after which it is washed, dried and sieved. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, which gives the salt a milder flavor.

Preparing & cooking

Salt is better and more evenly absorbed by the ingredients if added during the cooking and preparation process. This is particularly true for ingredients that have been carefully assembled; you can't always just stir things up! Some foods also take a while for flavors to soak through. If you add salt only at the table, the liquid will benefit, but the ingredients will generally taste bland, like they were unsalted.