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Build your own salt crystal


What do you need:
• 1 liter of water
• 400 grams salt


Start with boiling 1 liter of water, dissolve 400 grams of salt in this.
Stir well and be patient! Pour the solution in the container as soon as the salt has been dissolved. Put your figure in the container
Tip: use a coloring material to give your crystal a nice color.

Start with setting up al you need. Take care of a container to put the salt solution in and make a nice figure, for instance from rope. You could also use something different as textile. Make sure the water can easily pull in, otherwise you get no crystals. With little sticks or stainless steel wire you can make your figure extra firm.

If you have made your figure this way, and the salt solution is ready, you put the figure in the container with the salt solution. If it’s okay, your figure now starts to suck up the water. Make sure everything stands firm, so it cannot fall over. When you are ready, you put everything on a warm spot, for instance in front of the window in the sun. This way you make sure the water can quickly evaporate. It might take long before you can see the crystals grow: sometimes it takes two to three weeks. Therefore you need a little patience. But more often you see the first crystals grow after a couple of days. They will grow faster on a warm spot.